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Saturday, 3 September 2011


We are living in the End Times. “....Time will soon end for this wicked apostate secular world system. Corruption will give way to incorruption and mortality will give way to immoratlity  and time will giva way to Eternity. Soon time will be no more....”.
Democracy shall give way to Theocracy. Apostasy shall give way to Righteousness. Death shall give way to life. Chaos shall give way to Order. The Kingdoms of this Cosmos World shall become the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The signposts are pointing to the End Time of the Secular Apostate Cosmos World Systems. Soon time shall be no more.
There are Seven Church Ages. (See Revelation Chapters 2 and 3 ).
We are in the last Church  Age. The Church Age of the Laodiceans.
The Apostle Paul  said that there would be a great falling away in the last day and that there would come a time where religious people would impersonate Christianity and impersonate the original faith once delivered unto the Apostolic Fathers. ( 1Timothy 4  verses 1 to 16 ; as read with Genesis 3 verse 15 ; Genesis 22 verse 8 ; Isaiah 7 verse 14 ; Isaiah 9 verse 6 ; Isaiah 26 verse 19 ;  Micah 5 verse 2 ;  Zechariah 12  verses 9 and 10 ; Amos 3 verse 7 ; Malachi 4 verse 5  ; Luke 17 verse 30 ;  Revelation 10 verse 7 ; John 1 verse 1 ; John 1 verse 14 ; John 1 verse 29 ; John 3 verse 16 ;  Acts 1 verses 8 to 11 ; Revelation 13 verse 8 ; etc etc speak of the  First and Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
In  the first coming, John the Baptist fulfilled Malachi 4 verse 5.
John the Baptist was the Voice crying in the wilderness.
After the Church fell at Niacea Rome in AD 325, there is a promise that after the Dark Ages THE LORD GOD  would restore the original faith once delivered to the Apostolic Fathers.( Malachi 4 verse 5; Amos 3 verse 7 ; Luke 17 verse 30 ; Revelation 10 verse 7 ).
Just like how Elijah preached against Jezebel Religion and condemned the false prophets of Baal and got rid of them at Mount Carmel, the End Time Prophet that Malachi 4 verse 5 talks about the Message of the End Time Prophet turning the hearts of the Pentecostal children back to the faith of the Apostolic Fathers. ( Malachi 4 verse 5; Amos 3 verse 7 ; Luke 17 verse 30 ; Revelation 10 verse 7 ).
Individuals that reject the Word of God revealed in the End Times will go totally insane.
Democracies that reject the Word of God  revealed in the End Times and accept some pagan religion, some teaching of some false prophet  their  secular apostate cosmos worldly systems are falling apart.
So called Denominational Churches that reject the Word of God revealed in the End Times   and accept the doctrines of devils and exalt their pagan creeds and traditions above the Word of God  are falling apart.
They exalt their man made creeds and dogmas above the Word of God. They are Anti-Christ and pattern their denominations after Nimrod’s Babylonian System of  Rulership.
The Judicial Systems that interpret man made laws contrary to the Word of God revealed in the End Times are finding that their Judicial and Legal Systems are  falling apart and are failing to treat the  chief  cause of the rise in crime.
When an individual rejects the Bible then such  individual is placed under strong delusion. When a  so called sovereign country or a  so called Democractic Nation  rejects the  Word of God revealed in the End Times  they place themselves under the governance of demonic entities that unleash crime, murder , mayhem and destruction.
The  so called  Law  Experts  fail to realise that by taking the Bible out of schools and that by promoting   loose morals  and pornography and binge drinking  and  so called sexual freedom to disguise sexual perversion and sexual deviancy , they have opened the gates of hell and invited demon power to infiltrate and oppress and possess juvenile delinquents and parental delinquents. The “...demonic  invasion ...” tears  families  communities apart.
Denominational Churches  that  reject the Word of God   have no moral compass, and such  Churches are backslid and Apostate.
When the Judicial Courts have no moral turpitude and turn their backs on the Bible and throw away the moral compass, then they give demons the right of way to contaminate the judicial system.
When Democracies have no answers and refuse to turn to the Bible and reject and persecute God’s People and reject and persecute God’s Prophets and Preachers, then Judgement hangs over that backslidden  so called Democratic Nation.

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